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Buy Red wiggler wormsYou probably have all the choices by now.  Well, you actually don’t need to search the internet when looking for the best composting worms in town.  It has been obvious and those who are really into worm composting can testify that the best breed is the Eisenia Fetida also known as Red Wiggler worms.  While there are also different kinds of composting worms like the European Night Crawlers, Red Wiggler worms still stand out among the rest because they have special characteristics that others do not have.

When buying, you have to take into consideration the burrowing capability of the worms.  This is important in the aeration of the soil.  You also have to consider the worms’ eating ability.  Well, you are doing vermicomposting so it means that the more organic materials are consumed, the more organic fertilizers are produced.  With Red Wigglers, you get all these things effortlessly.  They are able to dig up to 2 inches making the soil more fertile.  Red wiggler worms are also heavy eaters of scraps because they can consume half or even as much as their body mass.  Another advantage of Eisenia Fetida is their ability to multiply in just 1-3 months given the proper nutrition and environment.  You also won’t have to worry about  the environment because your kitchen sink and your garage would be best for your composting worms.

Now if you are wondering where you can get these worms, it’s also easy.  Because of the popularity of these composting worms, you can get easily find those in the market.  You may also buy from those who own stables or from farmers.  So if you are already thinking of starting your own vermicomposting and you have everything set except for composting worms, think no more. Buy Red Wiggler worms and have a good vermicomposting adventure.

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