Using Red Wiggler Worms as Bait

Red Wigglers worm seem to be so delicious for the fishes.  Though a bit smaller as compared to European Night Crawlers, Red Wiggler worms are as irresistible as the former because of its physical attributes.  You just have to learn the right technique and the right procedure in using Red Wiggler Worms as baits in order for you to catch your target fish.

Red Wiggler Worms as BaitThe most common mistake of those who go for fishing is the unequal size of their hook and their worm.  Fishes are also wise; they can easily detect whether someone is after them or not.  To deceive them, you have to make sure that your hook and your Red Wiggler worm is of the same size.  This will give the fish the notion that what’s in front is just a food.  This will further give you a better chance to get what you want because if you have a bigger worm and a smaller hook, what may happen is that the fish will only nibble on the worm until it eventually dies.  Remember that fishes do not like dead baits.

When ready, slowly sink the hook in the water.  Do not worry about your bait because Red Wiggler worms do not easily die once they are already in the hook and submerged into water. When you feel that the fish is already there, do not immediately raise the hook.  Allow more time for the fish to play with your worm.  You don’t also have to worry about your worm sliding from the hook because the Red Worm’s skin will keep its body from falling.  And when you feel that it has already bitten the bait, go and do what you have to do.

There are times when the fish, even while you’re already pulling the rod up will try to run away from you.  Well, that’s normal.  Do the process again and again.  Fishes are also not good on handling temptations so the more you lure them with your baits, the more that you get the chance of catching them.

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