Red Worms: Using them as fishing worms

Just like European nightcrawlers, Red Worms can also be used as fishing worms. Not only are they good when it comes to composting, they are also good with attracting fish; and they are indeed a good fish bait product. And besides being used as fish bait, these worms can also be used as live worm feed for aquarium and pond fish, as well as for other kinds of animals (some birds, reptiles and amphibians).

Although red wiggler worms are less favored over the nightcrawler type, they can still manage to survive under the water. And despite them being short in length and slim in structure, they can still prove to be the ultimate choice for panfish and trouts in particular. Worm bait in this type can also stand temperatures that are between 38 to 40 degrees (are said to be strong skinned). They can be submerged underwater for a very long time; and will continue to wiggle on the fish hook, until it catches a fish.

Now, red wigglers are said to also be preferred by many people, compared to the garden worms type. How so? Well, red worms are said to be a lot more tastier compared to nightcrawler worms. Other than that, how are these worms used as fish bait? It’s actually quite simple. What you can do first is to skewer one worm into a fish hook (you can rig them by using gang hooks). After you have done this, throw your whole hook and fishing line into the water. Take note that these worms don’t easily die when you throw them in the water, even if you hook them into your fishing hook. So when a tug or fish bite happens, let the fish (here’s to hoping that a fish was really caught) bite more firmly into the bait. And since this worms slime tends to be really mouth-watering for fish, they fish won’t likely let go of the worm. So as soon as you feel a firm tugging to your fishing line, then it’s time to reel it back to you.

You can also make a living out of raising fishing worms. This is what you can call a Red Worms vermiculture farm. You can choose to raise and breed thousands of worms (you can keep them inside a worm bin that can vary in shape, capacity, size, and design), for composting purposes or as fish bait. Either way, these two can still be very profitable. You can decide on whether to sell the worms itself, sell their castings (can be used as an organic fertilizer), or these worms sold a nice catch for fish. Fishing worms can be sold to fishermen (a big staple for this range of people), commercial breeders, or to worm dealers who sell these at aquariums or laboratories.

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