Worm Bedding for Red Wiggler Worms

worm beddingThe success of worm composting depends on many factors and one of which is the worm bedding for Red Wiggler worms.  This will be the environment of the composting worms and in order to keep the Red Wiggler worms alive and healthy, you have to have well rounded bedding.

Now you can choose from the following materials to serve as the bed once the bin is set up:  peat moss, shredded newspapers, magazines, cardboards, coconut coir, straw and leaves.  You may have one of those or choose a combination.  Peat moss increases the moisture holding capacity of the bin and breaks down than easier as compared to newspapers.  When you have chosen the right bedding for the bin, make sure to soak it in water.  If you want your worm composting to work, the bedding for the Red worms should at all times be moist.

You also have to carefully watch on the bedding.  Remember that Red Wiggler worms also feed on them.  The temperature should not be more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit but it should not also be lower than 50 degrees F.  Acidity level is likewise important.  Do not feed the worms with citrus and other acidic foods.  You should maintain 6.0-6.5 pH level.  If you want to control the acid in the bin, you can mix pulverized egg shells or lime with the bedding materials.  Make sure though that you will never use hydrated lime otherwise the worms will die.

As mentioned, worms also feed on the bedding so to make worm bedding for red wiggler worms really good, change it occasionally.  When you notice that the color is getting darker, you can already replace it.  If you are able to do all these, then you may end up a successful worm composter.

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