Shipping & Returns

Our Policy is we guarantee Live Delivery of all our worms. We ship out Live Worms and Vermi-pods every Monday morning via USPS Priority mail. (Usually delivered within 3 days anywhere in America) We reserve the right to withhold shipments due to weather extremes.

If you require a rushed delivery or a special request please call or e-mail us, we are happy to do what we can.

Worm Kits and Composters are shipped via UPS and FED-EX.

Our Worms are packed in breathable cotton bags and shipped in 8 inch cubed corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. They are clearly marked LIVE WORMS / PERISHABLE.

Please if possible notify your postal man/woman that a live product is expected. If your worms arrive and have perished please contact us via e-mail or by phone to handle the situation

Garden Worms
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