Non-Toxic Fly Trap


The AgraCo Non-Toxic Flytrap is a simple yet effective way to catch and kill both male and female flies. The Flytraps come with a patented bait that attracts the flies to the trap. The trap is a container with a specially designed top and lid. When you place water in with the fly bait in the plastic container, within a short period of time the flies will be attracted to the scent and fly into the plastic container. Because of the specially designed top, the flies cannot escape, and they eventually drown in the water. The water is the killing action; there are no toxic materials that are dangerous to children, pets, or livestock.

NOTE: NOT FOR INDOOR USE. Since the trap attracts flies, it should be placed in a location where it will draw flies away from dwellings or places where food is consumed.


Reduces annoying and unhealthy fly populations around children pets and livestock. Wherever flies are prevalent, the AgraCo non-toxic fly trap goes to work to significantly reduce fly populations. No chemicals just a natural lure that draws both male & female flies.

Popular with:

  • Consumers
    • Backyards
    • Patio
  • Commercial
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Farms
    • Horse Stables
    • Poultry Operations
    • Recreation Areas

    • "In a farm our size - over a million chickens and 2000 hogs, fly control is not a luxury, it's a necessity... The traps were effective wherever we placed them outside, but we particularly noticed the difference they made around the feed bins where the flies are the thickest, there was a significant reduction in the number of flies around the bins. In fact, we were complimented by Agricultural Agents during one of their inspection tours."

      Jim Bailey
      Bailey Farms

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