Orange Guard Fire Ant Control 1Gal.


Orange Guard Fire Ant Control isa proven formula. It is 100% Natural and Organic. Rid your yard of fire ants without harmful chemicals. Won't harm yourPets or Family.

Puncture and saturate the mounds using 1/2 gallon of either full strength or diluted Orange Guard Fire Ant Control.

-Orange Guard Fire Ant Control will kill them without risking the health of your family, pets or the environment.

-All ingredients are on the FDA GRAS list (generally recognized as safe)

-Orange Guard Fire Ant Control is water based. Use it full strength or dilute with 3 parts water without loss of efficacy.

-Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as allowed for use in organic production

When the 3 parts water/1 part Orange Guard Fire Ant Control was applied to 19 mounds in College Station, TX by Granovsky and Ass., there was only activity found in 1 mound when excavated 30 days later.

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