Orange Guard Water Based Pest Control. 32 oz.


Orange Guard is a 100% natural water based pest control product.

Orange Guard is a broad ranged contact insecticide and residual repellent. Orange Guard works by dissolving the waxy coating on an insects exoskeleton, clogging the spiracles resulting in suffocation.

If one contemplates the peel of the orange, one realizes the intent is pest control, pure and simple. The fragance is a repellent to keep the insects away but if that doesn't work and they break open the peel, the oil is released which dissolves the exoskelton. Great natural pest control, Orange Guard

Kills on Contact

          • May be used around Food, Humans, and Pets
          • Fresh Citrus Scent
          • Indoor-Outdoor
          • EPA Registered
          • Broad Range Contact Insecticide & Broad Range Residual Repellant

            Works on ants, fire ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers, scale insects, and other insect pests.

            All ingredients generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

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