Super Log Cart.


No one likes to haul wood into their home by hand, so why not make this job less of a hardship use our firewood cart! Bark, dirt and snow all belong outside, not on your floor. And it's not just for firewood: use the Firewood Cart to carry bundled newspapers and trash cans out to the street curb. This product puts less stress on arm muscles for firewood users.

Some of the advantages to owning this wonderful log cart are:

  • Hold Loads up to 200 Pounds

  • Superior Balance Point to Allow Wood to be Easily Transported

  • Narrow Design to Fit through Doorways

  • Easy to Handle up Stairways

  • Semi-Pneumatic Wheels (good for softer surfaces such as sand or rough terrain)

  • *Chainsaw and Fireplace Accessory

  • *Construction: Steel Axle with 20" wheels

  • *Dimensions: 16" L x 12 " W x 21" H

  • *Sturdy enough to haul Firewood and Trash Cans

  • *Hold Loads up to 200 Pounds.

  • *Shipping Weight 35 Pounds

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