Terra Cotta Rain Barrel


For Quality, Function,
Design, and Safety
Our Rainbarrel is Unmatched!

Stores 54 gallons
Ready for your gardening needs, this barrel replenishes its water supply every time it rains. You'll capture the fresh, untreated water otherwise lost to runoff.

Automatic overflow included
Nothing to watch, nothing to flip. The overflow located on the back of the barrel diverts excess rain to a garden, or distant runoff area.

Childproof design
It's all one piece, with a closed top, so you won't need to worry about children or pets getting inside. Fully screened, It's mosquito proof too.

Versatile, convenient
The solid brass spigot is threaded so you can attach a garden hose directly to the barrel, or a second (bottom) access allows direct hose hookup while maintaining spigot availability. It arrives to your home fully assembled, easy to install, and delivered quickly via FedEx Ground.

Premium Design, Premium Quality!

Built with only the best materials, It's a full 1/4 inch thick. Formed from 20 pounds of UV protected, durable plastic, it will stand up to the forces of nature for years to come.

By placing the rainsaver in your backyard or garden landscape an easily accessible supply of water is available for various garden chores. The rainsaver arrives fully assembled for quick set-up.

Water Quality
Collected water awaits your plants at favorable temperatures rather than cold well water. Your plants will appreciate water that's not chlorinated or treated with chemicals, as most municipal water supply's are.

A Garden Artifact
The combination of color, shape, texture and graphics are designed to complement the surrounding landscape. The attributes of the rainsaver are intended to enhance the overall esthetic garden and yard design among plants, rocks, buildings, fences and walls.

Water Conservation
Water needs of today are quickly closing in on available supplies. The Spruce Creek Rainsaver enables the user to gather and draw upon their own replenishable water resources.

Easy Set-Up
Cut the existing downspout about 46 inches from the ground, and add a 60 degree elbow to the end. Now just place the rainbarrel so water will land anywhere within the recessed top. Water will collect on the top surface and funnel into the barrel through the screened intake opening. The downspout does not need to be placed directly over the screens, or directly into the barrel (this enables easier set-up, and filters debris from the downspout water).

Screened Intake
At the rain collection area a screened opening prevents insect entry into the barrel while filtering debris from incoming water.

Automatic Overflow
You don't need to switch a diverter during a downpour with our rain barrel. An overflow hose, located at the top/back of the barrel, designates the direction of excess water to flow. It can be replaced with a hose of longer lengths, to divert overflow to a garden or distant runoff area.

Stormwater Management
By replacing the 6 ft. overflow hose with a longer length, excess rainwater can be diverted to beds, gardens or lawns for trickle watering. Simply use standard sump pump hose (inexpensive and available at most hardware stores) and drill or perforate in desired dispersion areas.

Safety Sealed
The one piece closed design prevents accidental drowning for children, pets and wildlife.

Connecting Rainsavers

You can connect 2 or more of our rainbarrels together using a special linking adapter. Simply exchange the overflow fitting from the second barrel, connect rainsavers together, and water will flow to 2nd barrel once 1st barrel is full. Cost $15.00 including delivery. Instructions included.

Functional and Durable
This fully assembled, one piece product provides easy set-up, durability and structural strength. Access points are provided at two different heights for attaching the spigot to either location for dispensing, and an adapter is provided for attaching a hose directly to the barrel if desired.

Our Guarantee

Your Rainsaver is guaranteed against any manufacturing flaws evident upon purchase or discovered after use. If there are any defects that are the result of manufacturing or shipping to your address, we will replace damaged components or the entire rainsaver. This complete product guarantee remains in effect for 180 days from the purchase of the barrel, and other components of the Rainsaver (not including the barrel body) will be guaranteed for 5 years against any flaw, damage, weather or wear.
It is not necessary to take barrels inside during winter freezing, however full barrel freezing in northern climates will cause the greatest stress to the structure and longevity of the rain barrel. Although most rainsavers will experience no damage . . . even when completely filled and completely frozen . . . northern climate owners should partially drain the rain barrel to the upper spigot level during the months of Dec, Jan, & Feb. when extreme expansion of ice will occur.

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