Worm "Ranch" Kit


 The biggest bloat we have, our Ranch kit.  This doesn’t come in some dinky 6 inch tall container, but instead, an 11 inch deep, thunder tub!  Serious wormers only, because this tub is no joke; bloated with bedding and feed for 2,000 red wrigglers, enough room for maximum breeding, and plenty of space to stuff your table scraps to make a miniature composter!  This kit is the fastest way to get some serious production started from your worms, and the quickest way to witness the benefits from worms!

  • Whats Included
  •  2,000 red wrigglers
  •  Starter bedding
  •  6 month feed supply (Our special blend is sure to have your worms thriving!)
  •  Moisture retaining burlap
  • Detailed Instructions
  •  16” L x 22”H 11” H Plastic Container

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